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5 Reasons Why Your Retail Business Needs Custom Stickers

Reasons Why Your Retail Business Needs Custom Stickers

Over the years, the popular Vans shoe brand has evolved from being a favorite among skateboarders to taking centre stage in mainstream pop culture. Its new versions are highly anticipated and scooped up in a heartbeat. The labels on Vans sneakers are actually stickers, in case you didn’t know. Collectors proudly display these personalised stickers on skateboards, laptops, helmets, water bottles, purses, and other items.

The fact that customised stickers are so popular across the board shows just how important they are to a brand’s promotion plan.

In today’s highly competitive market, you need marketing tools to stay on the customer’s radar. At the same time, budget constraints necessitate wise selection of these tools. Continue reading to learn why you should choose custom stickers to promote and grow your retail business.

Why do Smart Businesses Use Custom Stickers?

We will spell out a few advantages of customized stickers for your business so that you don’t miss this bus and regret it later. It’s a tough world out there for retail businesses and we want to show you how this humble tool with marketing superpowers can give you a head start in the race.


Most marketing channels like television ads and social media platforms are expensive. Custom stickers in Australia are highly affordable and hardly make a dent in the budget compared to other methods. So, you don’t have to think twice before adding them to your strategy to complement the other channels of promotion. And if you get them produced in bulk, you get excellent rates and the per unit cost of production comes down even further. The turnaround time for printing stickers is also fast. This is why personalized stickers should be your go-to giveaway at events, with your products, to your employees, etc.

Reasons Why Your Retail Business Needs Custom Stickers


Low cost alone cannot be a reason to opt for a marketing tool. It needs to give you good returns in terms of brand reach and visibility. Stickers and decals do a very good job of this. According to a survey done by a marketing firm, 70% of people said they would buy a product from a brand they received a sticker from. That’s a much higher number than many other channels can give. Customers who love your stickers will proudly display them on personal belongings like laptops, handbags, notebooks, etc. Your brand travels all around through these stickers and gets unparalleled visibility.


When you opt for sticker printing as part of your marketing plan, you get a whole range of options thanks to the versatility of stickers. You can choose any number of surfaces for sticking them from shop fronts and products to personal belongings. As an example, car bumper stickers in Australia are very common and can be a great way to spread brand awareness. You also get a choice of materials to choose from once you have decided where the stickers are going to go. You can select from paper, vinyl, plastic, cling, etc. Whether it’s for product packaging or imparting information or reinforcing your brand identity, there is a sticker type and surface that will work best.


Another huge benefit of sticker printing is the myriad ways you can customize it. We have already seen how you have a wide choice of materials to choose from. You can also choose the kind of cut you want. If you opt for die-cut you get extra space on the adhesive paper that you can use for logo, contact information, website, etc. With kiss-cut stickers, you get stickers in any shape you want. This gives you options to align the custom stickers perfectly with your brand to get visually appealing stickers that your customers will love to use.


There are no limits to creativity when designing decals and stickers for your business. You can opt for quirky or funny designs that catch the eye while reflecting the vibe of your brand. For example, a clothing brand that sells t-shirts with witty slogans also gives away stickers with funny quotes and catch lines. You can also make a customizable sticker pack with your branding. An example is a bag company that also sells sticker packs so their customers can customize their bags with their name and other personalized designs.

Winding Up

In short, custom stickers are a great way to make sure your brand “sticks” in your customer’s mind. Their affordability and effectiveness make them one of the most useful tools in your marketing kitty. The myriad ways in which stickers can be used give you a lot of flexibility in your strategy.

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