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CD Duplication – An Ideal Solution for Corporates & Institutions

Sharing information with people in a fast and convenient manner is now no longer a problem. A CD writer, CD software for burning and a PC – that is all the equipment you need to transfer information by burning CDs and distributing to as many people as you want. The magic words are CD duplication.

Mass Production

Burning of CDs is now also being done on a professional scale. Realising the need for mass production of CDs, many specialists have sprung up who take on orders from big business houses, institutions schools etc. which require CDs in large quantities.

Big Business

With the introduction of the internet, CD duplication is now the in thing. It is used for public distribution, a tool for marketing communication, presentations, even parties. Burning of CDs is a big business now. Who undertakes this task of CD duplication in large quantities? All you need to do is go on the internet and you will find dozens of CD duplication services.

Because of its multiple usages by educational institutions, music bands, companies etc. CDs have a large demand. To meet this demand companies manufacturing CDs have sprung up worldwide. It is a business that is ever-growing and can prove a great promotional tool.

Cost Benefit

Besides the benefit of being able to order professionally burnt CDs in large quantities through a service provider, the quantity ordered also helps to bring down the price. Besides being cost effective, the CDs have an extremely good finish, thermal gloss and a stunning body appearance.

Manufacturing facts

To cope with the large numbers of CDs regularly ordered, special CD duplication solutions need to be available. Such machines need the supervision of just one person or can function on their own. CD duplication is done either as a standalone unit or it can be attached like computer peripherals. One most common and effective method is the hand-fed tower system which employs many CD recorders joined together to produce simultaneous copying. This is achieved through a master CD or a hard drive.

Another popular use for CD duplication is the automated products which incorporate robotic disc systems. They are mechanically loaded and can unload one or more recorder. Label printers are also used to complete the process – producing as many as one hundred in an hour.

Within common reach

Once an expensive process, CD duplication is now within the reach of most people, especially for personal use. Using automated products with robotic disc systems will help you to mechanically unload and unload recorders at a quicker pace.