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Expert tips on CD Duplication Sydney

CD Duplication Sydney Quote Request – Most companies will have the facility on their websites for you to get a quote for your project whether by return email or an on-line price calculator. The speed and quality of response here will give you a good indication of how keen the company is to obtain your business and the standard of communication you can expect from them.

Competitive Pricing – You will, at this stage, be very much aware that the cheapest supplier is not always the best supplier. You need to take into consideration all the aspects of a job including potential charges for creation of a master disc from files provided, creation of artwork for your disc and packaging and also any postage charges. A reputable company will ensure you know exactly how much you are paying and what you will get for that cost.

Assistance and Advice – If your chosen service provider has provided you with a competitive quote, your next requirement may be to give the company a call for advice with regards to the next step in getting your CD duplicated. If you have specific technical questions they should know who to transfer you to if necessary and if someone needs to call you back, it should be done promptly.

Time – Although a good CD duplication Sydney company will be able to turn your job around very quickly, it is much better for all concerned if you give yourself and your chosen service provider some breathing space with regards to lead-time. A company with a reputation for quality to uphold will be very appreciative of a client who gives them a little time to ensure that they can provide the best possible service.

The main considerations for the smooth running of a CD duplication Sydney project to ensure that there are no headaches or stressful situations created by trying to get a job done at the last minute:

  • Do your internet research or talk to friends to find a reputable service supplier. Customer feedback can be a good indication of the kind of customer service that you can expect.
  • Ask your supplier for a lead time to ensure that they can meet your deadline.
  • Obtain artwork templates from your supplier and don’t assume that you can use a generic template or a template from another supplier as many company’s printing processes may vary slightly.
  • Don’t leave everything until the last minute as this can lead to disaster, whether it’s spelling or grammar errors in the copy or a mistake on the CD master recording. Rushing a project can lead to simple problems being missed.
  • Do your research to estimate how many units you may need. Running out on the day may mean that you lose business even though many suppliers can provide project re-runs very quickly. Also, the large the initial run, the lower the unit cost. Ordering 500 CD duplication Sydney and then placing another order directly for another 500 units because you are running low is much more expensive than simply ordering 1000 units in the first place.

We hope that this information may prove useful to someone requiring a CD duplication Sydney service and assist in the avoidance of stress when working on projects of this type.


Your CD printing in Sydney

When looking to print CDs for personal project or business use, you should understand the basics and look out for a few main areas discussed below.

Look for a company that has been operating for many years and who work with a team that has a lot of experience with screen printing, lithographic (litho) printing and duplication of CDs. Get them to explain the benefits of printing directly onto the disc surface when compared with printing onto and applying stickers. A screen or litho printed CD printing sydney will be water proof so there is no risk of damage to the print from moisture.

It is also possible to produce an eye catching disc, cost effectively by using a single or 2 colour screen printed design. You can print via litho printed CD printing sydney as the print jobs are based on complex photographic images incorporating rendered and stylised company logos. Although litho printing a DVD is the most expensive printing route, if the unit order number is 500 or more then the fixed costs of printing the discs become only a small part of the unit cost. Grant shows Alan around the printing facility and explains how the litho printing process works; they also discuss the details of how to ensure a successful print job. Grant has the following advice:

Use a CD printing sydney template to produce the design – Your chosen CD printing Sydney partner should be able to supply you with a template showing the outer and inner borders for the print, as the template will be tailored to their particular print process. Ideally, the finished artwork should cover an area about 122mm square should not have the central disc hole removed although it is important to be conscious that the hole will exist on the finished unit and so no pertinent information should encroach upon this area. As a rule of thumb, any text needs to be kept at least 3 to 4 mm away from the outer and inner disc borders.

CD printing sydney considerations – Litho printing is not good for printing large areas of solid colour due to the potential for inconsistency. It is better suited for printing complex images with colour gradients and variations.

CD duplication needs in Sydney

CD Duplication Sydney, also referred in simple terms as “burning”, is the process of producing multiple copies or replicates from an original copy of an optical disc or a master CD. In the past, CD “burners” were used to obtain additional copies of an optical disc and reproduce the same content. The “burners” are usually incorporated on personal computers or drives rendering its easy accessibility for personal use. However, “burners” have the tendency to take so much time to finish duplicating a copy of CD and the process can be initiated only one CD at one time – so a much slower process.

CD Duplication Sydney has the advantage of producing multiple copies, about 1-499, at a single replication time. Duplicators have allowed the process to proceed at a faster rate and it is also economical. CD Duplication Sydney in this method is essential to businesses both big and small, as this technology will enable them a better option to produce more than just one copy.

The most important factor in disc duplication is on choosing the best quality blank CD to use. The quality of CD duplication Sydney may show on the disc itself particularly on the data side of the disc. A good duplicate may remain its silvery grey colour while when you were able to use a not-so-good a quality disc may result to colour changes into red or black.

The availability of CD Duplication Sydney equipment that are manually manipulated or automatic can produce variable duplicating time. On the other hand, an automated duplicators, as those sold by brand manufacturers do not involve human interference and manipulation as the duplication process will proceed after feeding discs in the duplicating equipment.

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Best company for CD replication Sydney

CDs have been recognised as one of the most important mediums to store information on. Information can be written and accessed from a CD with the help of a CD writer. The writer has a laser lens that digitally stores information on the disc, to describe the basic use of a CD and for CD replication Sydney.

Nearly all areas of businesses, professions and services use cds to replicate. Large companies store company information on CDs to portray their information to prospective clients, large and small technology companies use CDs for varied reasons. They include backing up of vital system information in the case of a system malfunction or a breakdown. The backup allows them to restore systems promptly.

There are many companies that have setup factories for the purpose of CD replicating Sydney. Since the replication processes are carried out in factories the cost per unit is low. It proves to be an economical solution for bulk CD replication Sydney requirements. For those that don’t know, CD replication Sydney is a process that involves copying of information from a master disc to other blank storage mediums and prints the information on the CD.

When deciding on CD replication Sydney, what you need to consider is Replication is most cost effective on orders of over 300 discs – as this is a larger volume replication. Why not try for more information. The team at will assist you in the best solution for your needs!