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CD Replication Sydney – How to Choose a CD Replication Service?

CD Replication Sydney – How to Choose a CD Replication Service?

CDs and DVDs are used in several different areas of business such as for magazine advertisements, posters, websites and radio and TV campaigns. Therefore, it is important to know which service to use for quality CD replication.

Pointers for Finding Good CD Replication Service Sydney

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when looking for a good CD replication Sydney service:

  • As most CD replication services have a presence online, check their website for further information about them and their services. The website will give you a good idea of the quality and service the company would offer.
  • Experience is very important. So if the CD replication Sydney service you choose has been in the industry for several years, you can be sure of quality work.
  • However, before you jump in whole hog and assign a large business assignment to a CD replication service, try the company out with a smaller campaign first. If this works out well, then you can utilise the company for the larger campaigns.
  • Not just any experience, but experience in the particular field is required for getting quality work. So also look out for a CD replication Sydney service that has done work in your industry. The experience the company has gained will reflect on the work they do for you – like providing additional tips and ideas that can lead to improvement and quality.

Additional Information

If you have an order to replicate over 500 CDs, you should check out with CD replication Sydney services. Quality can be attained for bigger orders with CD replication. For smaller orders below 500, using a CD duplication service would be more suitable.

For orders of 500 CDs or more, the following parameters may apply:

  • A record of up to 700 MB data / or 80 minutes audio.
  • A glass master is supplied from the master CD.
  • 4 colour high resolution CMYK or pantone screen printing
  • Off-set printing can be done on CDs (e.g. film/plates etc.)
  • Printing of back inlays and booklets
  • Attractive packing in different cases which enhances presentation
  • Shrink or cello wrapping used for packing of inserts and CDs.

A professional CD replication Sydney service has an experienced team with the right expertise to fulfil all CD requirements at the best possible prices.