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CD replication Sydney services advantages

If you have a large project that requires CD or DVD applications then you need to understand the replication process of reproducing these discs.

Making the right decision with the relevant information:

Whether you are looking to digitize your financial records, images, music video, educational materials or promotional materials, a DVD or CD replication Sydney service comes in handy.

CD Replication Sydney on the other hand involves creation of discs in a manufacturing process. It first involves checking for data corruption of the client master. A glass master is then created with the relevant data and a metal nickel stomper is developed and loaded into the injector molding machine that creates exact replicas of the CD/DVD discs.

Duplication involves extraction of data from a master disc in a duplicator to write it onto the blank disc in bulk. Duplication thus involves recording data onto a pre-manufactured CD or DVD in a process similar to the common CD ‘burning’, but at a larger scale. DVD or CD replication Sydney on the other hand is a more technical process where data is physically pressed on to the surface of a disc at the disc’s manufacturing stage.

Advantages you will enjoy through a CD replication Sydney service:

  • Extremely high quality
    • When it comes to quality, replicated discs offer the best quality because the content is manufactured into the disc itself.
  • Better quality and best prices for bulk orders
    • The fact that you have bulk DVDs to produce for your project does not mean you should compromise on quality. It ensures affordability and quality in the same package even with bulk orders.
  • Versatility in printing
    • If there is one thing that is indicative of a quality disc, it’s printing. A replicated disc allows for both offset and silk screen printing.
    • These techniques offer higher quality prints as opposed to inkjet and thermal printing used on duplication discs.

If you want the best result for your project quality is paramount both in and on the discs, which makes a CD replication Sydney service indispensable in your multimedia production program.