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Sourcing a Reputable DVD Duplication Sydney Company

When you begin to research a trustworthy, high quality DVD Duplication Sydney service provider there is a process to follow in making your decision. Most people will start by using google to come up with a list : “DVD duplication companies Australia” and visit the websites of the companies on the first search page. Once you have made contact with one or more companies you feel could be suitable, it is recommended to follow these steps.

Set a meeting to discuss your DVD Duplication Sydney project

You want to make sure the company has been operating for many years and his team has a lot of experience with screen printing, lithographic (litho) printing and duplication of DVDs and CDs in order to carry out your DVD Duplication Sydney requirements.

Explain the benefits of your printing requirements.

  • Use a DVD template to produce the design – The DVD printing company should be able to supply you with a template showing the outer and inner borders for the print, usually in a template which sophisticated companies supply easily in a downloadable format on their website. As a rule of thumb, any text needs to be kept at least 3 to 4 mm away from the outer and inner disc borders. Ideally, the finished artwork should cover an area about 122mm square should not have the central disc hole removed.
  • Choosing a photographic image – It is important to understand how an image will look when printed. Dark photographs are not recommended unless the actual subject is well lit. Photos will need to be at least 300 dpi in resolution and preferably higher than this, to ensure that the end result is a good quality, sharp printed image.
  • Lithographic printing considerations – Litho printing is not good for printing large areas of solid colour due to the potential for inconsistency. It is better suited for printing complex images with colour gradients and variations.

In summary, bulleted list below covers the main considerations for the smooth running of a DVD duplication Sydney project to ensure that there are no headaches created by trying to get a job done at the last minute:

  • Customer feedback can be a good indication of the kind of customer service that you can expect.
  • Ask your supplier for a lead time to ensure that they can meet your deadline.
  • Obtain artwork templates from your supplier and do not assume that you can use a generic template or a template from another supplier as many company’s printing processes may vary slightly.
  • Do not leave everything until the last minute as this can lead to disaster, for example a mistake on the DVD duplication Sydney master recording. Rushing a project can lead to simple problems being missed.
  • Do your research to estimate how many units you may need. The large the initial run, the lower the unit cost. Ordering 500 DVDs and then placing another order directly for another 500 units because you are running low is much more expensive than simply ordering 1000 units in the first place.