Made in Australian

Australian Made

Australian Made, Australian Owned.

At Implant we pride ourselves on not only being an Australian Company but whenever possible sourcing Australian components and using Australian suppliers to produce the products that we make for you. For this reason, many of our products have been approved “Made in Australia” and in turn, this means that you can use the official “Australian Made” logo on your products.

All our CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and packaging is manufactured right here in Australia. We do this not only to control the quality of the materials used and to secure the fastest turnaround times possible but also to ensure that the Australian standards that we expect in terms of workplace rights and safety are met.

Everything we call “General Print” is also produced in Australia. This means all the business cards, flyers, large format prints, booklets, posters and everything else we print on paper is either printed on site on our digital presses or at one of our partner offset printers located in Australia.

This means peace of mind for the products that you are producing through Implant Media. We hope to offer you the best service and products available. In turn, your work will represent jobs, quality of life, health and better safety standards for everyone in Australia.

A few points to note are there are a few products that we do not claim to be made in Australia. All our garment printing, Although printed in Australia the actual garments are manufactured overseas. Our USB are produced in Asia at one of the partner suppliers and our Vinyl is produced in Europe for quality reasons. If you would like to know more about any of our Australian made products or anything else please don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 79 78 78 or contact us HERE.