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Checklist for Album Release

A lot of time and energy goes into the making of a CD. Since it will be like your personal calling card you will definitely want it to be nothing less than perfect. To achieve this perfect product you have to ensure that every stage of the process-making is done according to the right method and all proper procedures are followed. Given below are some of the important things you should do during the process making.

Following legal requirements

You may have included on your CD songs that are written by other artists. If so, you need to get a special license (known as mechanical license) from the owner of the song’s copyright (composer, songwriter, publisher etc.). If you are not sure how to go about this procedure, you can check with CD pressing Sydney services. A special royalty rate is applicable on all such recordings.

Sample clearing

If you have included any work previously recorded in your audio master, or other materials belonging to a third party such as loops, samples etc. you have to buy a special Master licence and show proof that you have purchased the same when you release the CD. If you plan to use the services of CD pressing Sydney, they will need such license before starting the work.

Art Work

As above, have you used any art work you found on the internet? This type of copying also requires the permission of the owner of such artwork. You could otherwise use royalty-free or purchase stock images.

Setting up your time table

Since making a perfect CD takes time and effort, you need to leave enough time to go through every process such as rehearsing, recording, music mastering and mixing. Most times these schedules get delayed or take longer than expected to complete.

After that comes the design and manufacturing process which can also take longer than expected. If you are using the services of CD Pressing Sydney, the CD may go back and forth for making changes between you and CD pressing Sydney services to get the right mix. So you should leave enough time to iron out such hiccups when planning final release of your CD.

Getting the audio master professionally mastered

This is not optional. Every album that is ready to be released has to first be mastered professionally. This step is what makes your music sound its best. Areas to check are clarity; volume; cross-fades, a balanced EQ; and volume consistency. Since it is always better to get professional help in these areas, you should request CD Pressing Sydney services to ensure that your CD rates top marks in the above mentioned areas.