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DVD Authoring – A Guide

Making of a DVD involves many functions. To ensure that all such functions work in tandem, an authoring process is required. This could best be done with assistance from DVD duplication Sydney services.

Functions such as pre-mastering, all-play function, quality control etc. all these elements need to be computer checked to ensure quality and correct functioning both of the audio and video.

Once the discs have undergone testing they have to be signed-off. Then only copies can be made. As professionals in the field DVD duplication Sydney services can be approached to ensure such authoring is conducted properly.

DVD Design

Whatever design is used for the DVD it is meant to convey what subject the DVD imparts. So a quality design is recommended covering all aspects such as on-body print, menus and packaging.

When planning the design remember that all TVs have lower resolution screens than computers. So the same material appearing clear and crisp on computer screens may not be legible or clear on the TV. All excess encoding too should be removed from the audio and video signals.

DVD duplication Sydney services will guide you on how to encode MPEG-2, and encode into Dolby stereo. To ensure the DVD has the correct level of compression you should be aware of the full duration of all the audio and video elements.

Essentials for DVD authoring

The pressed DVD you buy from a shop has been produced at a replication plant. There are four different types of such pressed DVDs and each one has a separate data capacity. There are single sided single layer DVDs; and single sided dual layer DVD. In the latter the second layer can accommodate twice the amount of stored data.

With the help of CD duplication Sydney services the DVD should be checked and signed off it can be sent for replication and pressing. Replication gives the DVDs a longer life, less problems with different players, and a larger capacity. If printing is desired in small quantities the cost goes up. The best option would be to make 500 runs or more which would take around 7 days.

The two main formats

DVDs come in two recordable main formats – the DVD-R and the DVD+R. The former was introduced in 1997, while the latter – a rival format – was released around 2002. Though many prefer one format to the other, they are in effect similar.

Both the DVDs have dye light-sensitive technology and are capable of being written with the right DVD burner. The year 2006 saw the emergence of the Dual Layer DVD-R/+disc which has a recordable equal to that of the DVD-9. If you need help and guidance as to which format is better for your requirement, you can always check with CD duplication Sydney services.