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Steps Involved in CD Pressing

If you want to produce a good CD rather than finding it a daunting task, you should take the following steps, which even as an amateur will make the procedure easy. Along the way if you get a bit confused you can always check with CD pressing Sydney services – either for guidance or help.

The Template

You should download a pre-formatted layout template for the jewel case. Not only are they ‘free’ but they also provide very handy guidelines to ensure cut-lines, a printing area that is safe and bleed lines for the background. The templates come in the right size and resolution with the right colour mode. By using these templates you will not only find the job easier to do, but you will also save on time.

Paper Requirement

Choosing the right paper for the jewel case can be tricky. If it is too thin it will not hold properly inside the case. If the paper is too thick when it is folded inside the case it will prove bulky and crack. Lastly, if the paper does not have a good finish the whole case design will appear listless. So do not hold back. Experts like CD pressing Sydney services will advise you to buy the 100 pound premium quality gloss text paper both sides of which have a glossy sheen.

Using a Foil Stamp

To make the most of your text and graphic designs, you should use a foil stamp. Such a stamp totally upgrades these elements, making them attractive and eye-catching. In this instance also if you need help on where and how to use a foil stamp, you could check out with CD Pressing Sydney services.

When Quantity Makes a Difference

It is a known fact that if you make anything in quantity, the article/s becomes cheaper. This applies to making CD cases also. With regard to making these jewel cases, a special fee known as static setup is used every time you turn the press on.

This is applicable even in services like CD pressing Sydney. So when you make say – two runs – it means you have to pay this setup fee for each run, no matter what your total quantity is. If you print all the jewel cases at one time, the price you pay per print will drop.

So before you start out, decide the number of CDs you require before going to the press even if you plan to use a professional service like CD pressing Sydney. If your total requirements is around 10,000 copies make sure they are all done at one time – rather than in two batches of 5,000 each.