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Choosing a dvd printing sydney company

DVD Printing Sydney Artwork

If you are intending to design the disc and packaging artwork yourself then you will need a set of templates to work with to ensure that your printing provider can use your finished artwork with their printing set up. Discuss your requirements with your provider to make sure that they can be met and they should then be able to provide you with the required artwork templates.

DVD printing Sydney service providers will usually have an artwork expert who can design your disc and packaging for you if you’re not going to do it yourself, or you can hire a professional graphic artist with experience in this area, who will be able to advise you as to what type of images print most effectively on DVDs and their related packaging.

Short Run DVD Printing and Packaging

Digital Printing

If you need less than 100 DVDs, then digital DVD printing Sydney may be the way to go for you. The discs are printed using a digital inkjet printer; the discs used need to have an inkjet printable surface and your supplier should be able to offer you reassurance of the disk quality. Using this printing method, it is possible to print extremely high-resolution photographic images.

Digital DVD printing Sydney does not require any films, screens or printing plates to be made up as with Silk Screen or Offset (Lithographic) printing, but can be more time consuming. It is ideal for low print quantities.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is ideally suited to the printing of block colours, particularly where specific Pantone colours are required by the design. The Pantone colour system is a coding system which ensures consistent colour shades across branded media where required. Screen printing also allows the use of specialist inks such as metallic effect inks or fluorescent inks.

DVD Screen printing requires a screen to be made for each ink colour used up to a maximum of 6 colours as a white base layer can be applied to the discs if there is any white in the design, beforehand. The remaining 5 colours are then printed onto the white disc. Screen printed colours are bold and eye catching and when used as part of a high end printing process will really make your disc stand out.

Printed Card Wallets

There are many different types of card wallet such as a simple card sleeve that you slide a single disc into or a package that holds multiple discs in pockets within a booklet arrangement (Lancing Pack). The card wallet can be digitally printed with a high-resolution photographic image or a design as simple or as complex as is required. A good DVD printing Sydney company will offer a variety of packaging products.