Tips for Preparing Your Master CD for CD duplication

If you desire to have top quality when making CD duplication, you have to ensure that the Master CD is manufactured to the best quality standards. If you require professional help, you could think of hiring a CD Duplication Sydney service.

Method of Recording

When recording CD masters they have to be recorded without any interruption and in one session i.e. disc-at-once. They should also be compatible with Red Book so can be played on a CD standard player.

When a CD master is handed over it should be without any scratches or other scars and must be in perfect condition. Some of the good brands of discs to use are Apogee Gold, MAM-A-Gold or Green Tune.

Avoid using CD-RW (i.e. re-writable) or any other such discs at bargain prices. In this case too, a CD Duplication Sydney company can help you make the right selection.

The PQ Sheet

A PQ sheet is what contains all the information which is recorded on the CD such as track name, track numbers, music, gaps, pause, as also ISRC codes.

An audio engineer or CD duplication Sydney service will use this information to check while making the glass master CD. Normally, the CD burning software has a print option which can be saved as a text and later printed the PQ sheet can be printed.

A good Finish

It is important to have a good finish for the Master CD. Using the services of a CD duplication Sydney company would ensure that when the CD is totally ready the recording is perfect and the songs have a shimmer and punch.

Careful handling

CDs are extremely sensitive and need to be handled very carefully especially the CD-Rs and input data so they are not exposed to any damage. They should be kept in a special case and the ‘playing side’ should not be subjected to any touch. When writing on CD, it is important to use a special pen meant for this job. The wrong pen can make the Master useless.

The Red Book referred to above is the normal audio CD which can play for 79 minutes. This standard was established by Sony and Philips.

Help if required

If you are unable to produce a Master CD on your own, you could approach a CD duplication Sydney service. They’d be able to help at reasonable prices. If a DAT master is supplied the cost of duplication may go up as it will involve making a Glass Master. Your CD duplication Sydney service will guide you through the proper procedure.