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DVD Duplication Sydney – Showcase Your Work with Short Run DVD Duplication

DVD Duplication Sydney – Showcase Your Work with Short Run DVD Duplication

Short-run DVD duplication is the best possible way of ordering just about enough Compact Discs for selling at your concerts. If you wish to promote your music, you must contact a DVD duplication Sydney service as DVDs’/CDs’ sales are still higher than digital downloads. Despite all the rumours about the CD/DVD industry going to the dumps, the fact is that CDs and DVDs still are the most profitable means of selling your music.

Moreover, a reputed DVD duplication Sydney company also empowers you with the ability to advertise and express yourself with fantastic custom logos and graphics. Short-run DVD duplication Sydney services allow musicians to produce CDs in very small quantities, just enough for their shows.

Short-run DVD Duplication: Way to Go

Thanks to short-run CD duplication musicians now have just enough to display on the merchandise table during shows and concerts. They no longer need to worry about any surplus. They do not need to think about ways of disposing off left over stack of boxes. Bands can now order from a minimum of 50 CDs to 2,500 CDs.

Because of the quick turnaround time, you are now able to get your supplies in very short time ranging from one to five days depending on the client’s urgency and requirements. Short-run DVD/ CD duplication is just right for high schools that would be requiring limited number of copies for the school plays. Showcasing your work by short-run DVD/CD replication is also, an ideal proposition for summer camps presenting DVDs to campers when the session ends.

Short Run DVD Duplication: Truly Beneficial

The world is increasingly becoming digital and hence, the music scenario has undergone a radical change. Customers now require smaller runs of DVDs and CDs without compromising on quality of music. Look for a competent short-run DVD Duplication Sydney service so that you could enjoy immense advantages.

  • Now you could order very small quantities as small as only 50 DVDs or CDs and that is really quite a cost-effective proposition.
  • You could now enjoy a wide spectrum of services that may include the standard CDs, Business cards, Mini CDs, DVDs etc.
  • You can expect faster turnaround. It would take hardly one to three days to deliver up to 5,000 CDs or DVDs.
  • You could now avail comprehensive and professional design services. Get customised CD covers and logos. A DVD duplication Sydney service can come up with impressive covers that boast of top quality finish thanks to the fantastic lacquer coating.
  • Your discs would usually be printed on digital screen printer. The discs are usually cured by using Ultra-Violet light. The CDs and DVDs are cent percent water-proof.
  • The digital press usually comes up with wonderful sleeves, jackets, posters, tray cards, jewel case inserts, 6 panel wallets, 4 panel wallets, digipaks, postcards etc. The quality is excellent. Digital presses have actually brought down the printing costs.
  • Many effective, but free design tools have been launched for disc label and collateral requirements. All files are usually archived for use in case of re-orders in future.
  • Often you could have access to electronic templates.
  • A DVD duplication Sydney service usually sells bar codes for all your retail products. All products have a shrink wrap or poly wrap finish.
  • Most of these short-run DVD duplication services have a fantastic file upload tool to send content and art files.

So by now you should be convinced about showcasing your work with a competent DVD duplication Sydney service. They would deliver top quality at unbelievably affordable prices. Your DVDs would have a professional appearance without crossing your budget. They would be offering a host of CD as well as DVD duplication choices, custom-tailored to your specific requirements.