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CD pressing is nothing but CD replication. CD pressing and duplication are actually the two methods of reproducing some original CDs without really compromising on their quality.

Several upcoming and reputed CD pressing Sydney services are quite adept at managing both big and small DVD/CD publishing projects. CD pressing is actually a physical production method that involves literally pressing the discs, while manufacturing them from a glass master. While looking for a CD pressing Sydney Company always check the credentials.

The CD Pressing Process Explained

As you know CD replication is also referred to as CD pressing. CD pressing is actually stamping CDs from the glass-master in some pressing plant. Once you submit the master disc, the manufacturer would be creating a glass master. The glass master is thereafter, used for creating a nickel stamper as well as polycarbonate substrates, which are actually metallized.

This process is very effective in coming up with the original master’s exact replication. The final product is said to sound most definitely like the master. In this context, you must know that the glass master is actually made of glass. The glass has a chemical coating that has been burnt off using a laser.

The glass master is really the negative of the compact disc. It is converted into a stamper by using a coating of a molten nickel compound. The stamper actually punches miniscule pits right into the production CDs, which are known to be using molten aluminium to act as the required reflective surface.

Advantages of CD Pressing

  • CD pressing is pretty cost-effective. Costs are actually lower for high volumes.
  • It is best for print runs over 1000 discs.
  • Offset lithographic or Silk screen printing is used for excellent results. Assured top quality.

Disadvantages of CD Pressing

  • The process involves relatively longer turnaround time. It would typically require 10 to 12 working days.
  • The CDS cannot actually be left blank so that you could later on burn some content onto it.

Why Should You Opt for CD Pressing?

CD pressing is an extremely quick and cost-effective production process involving a larger number of discs ideally 1000 or more. Because of the high setup expenses, this method is not recommended for relatively smaller production runs. Replicated compact discs are actually produced using a 5 colour silk screen printing process or lithographic printing process. This results in an extremely high quality product.

Choose a CD Pressing Sydney Service Wisely

There are hundreds if CD pressing companies scattered across the country. It is crucial to choose the best CD pressing Sydney service so that you are assured of quality and timely release.

CD pressing is the last phase of your production. So you would definitely not want anything going wrong. You should give your original DVD/CD for replication to some renowned CD pressing Sydney company. You must do ample research and find out their capabilities.

Do thorough research online and check their credentials. Depend on word of mouth and testimonials. It is extremely important for you to choose a CD pressing Sydney service that has perfect infrastructure for meeting top quality standards.