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Business Card CD Replication Sydney

CD business cards are becoming a popular method of introducing a business. It’s a modern digital version of the traditional business cards. Though it may serve a similar purpose, a CD business card has the ability to store much more information and has the potential of being creative.

It is also one of the very popular ways now to distribute promotional corporate material. A CD business card can be produced in the form of a video, a product catalogue, a multimedia presentation or an image slideshow. It is inexpensive to make and distribute, and does not have the size of a normal CD-ROM.

If you want to distribute CD business cards you will need to have them replicated. You can approach CD Replication Sydney service for a professional job. The process of replicating a CD business card is similar to that of replicating CDs or DVD.

Large and very expensive machines are required to replicate CD business cards. The procedure as used by CD Replication Sydney services and other CD replication companies involves using a glass master to make special stampers.

These stampers are used to inject the information on to the CD foil. Once this process is completed the CD gets a layer of polycarbonate plastic and it then goes under quality control screening. The CD is then ready to be packed and delivered to various destinations.

CD business cards are great for distributing as trade show giveaways. It can hold enough material for most requirements and its small size has many advantages when it comes to distribution. For example:

  • It can hold 1500 PDF pages
  • Or it can hold 500-200 HTML pages
  • It contains 5 minutes of CD-Audio or an MP3 of 48 minutes
  • It also holds 5 minutes video of MPEG
  • It has a power point of 250 slides

CD replication Sydney services makes business card CDs which are small enough to carry in a shirt pocket, or put in a normal business envelope. If hyperlinked, the card CD is able to drive business to your own website. In case your content is in excess of 50 MB, the best alternative is the mini CD-R.

When a project involves audio, a corporate disk provides the advanced glass mastering service. CD Replication Sydney services start with strict pre-mastering analysis. The digital master audio is then transferred through a laser beam recorder to the CD glass master surface, making the stamper as explained above.

Here are the specifications for CD replication used by CD replication Sydney services:

  • An auto run function for PC only
  • Replicated media which is manufactured with content
  • Common formats such as FLV, DOC, CDA, MP3, HTML, PDF, WAV, PPT etc.
  • A storage capacity of 48 to 50 MB.
  • The print area size has an mm of 58×35
  • Print colours are 1-6 spot PMS which is a process of 4 colours
  • The printing method consists of offset, digital paper label and silk screen