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CD Duplication Services Vs DIY Duplication

CD Duplication Services Vs DIY Duplication

CD duplication is similar to creating a photocopy – you are essentially creating a carbon copy of the original. The duplicator, however, makes use of a laser and the recorded area of the disc gets burnt with a special dye. This ensures that every disc emerges identical to the original – if there is any difference it gets rejected.

Whether you are a musician looking to sell your album or a corporate looking to distribute marketing material in the form of CDs, CD duplication services come handy.

If your order quantity is not very large, it makes sense to burn the number of CDs required on your own.

However, if you have a reasonable amount of CDs to distribute, DIY duplication can become time consuming and ineffective. Hiring CD duplication service makes sense. You will then not need to purchase the required machinery nor invest valuable time doing CD duplication. You can concentrate on other areas of your business.

How Duplicators Work

Manual duplicators appear like burners stacked on each other, using a menu system. One CD takes the role of the reading drive and the remaining CDs are copied of this CD. It is a simple working process with a tower which needs to be turned on.

After the trays are loaded the duplicator takes care of the rest. A manual CD duplicator is very budget-friendly, especially when it comes to burning multiple CDs. It is useful for small jobs but can also be used for larger quantities if time permits.

CD duplicators are automated. They have the capacity to print large numbers of labels which definitely save time and trouble.

The Best Solution

Since there are options to consider when deciding which method to use for duplication, like most other decisions it boils down to money and time. If you have the money it would be wise to outsource the CD duplication work to a professional service company who will produce high quality work. You will then not have to worry about how the job will turn out, but the cost could be heavy if done regularly.

On the flip side if you do the CD duplication yourself you can choose your own time schedule. Also if it is a regular activity in the long run it could prove cost-effective. What you will need to do is track your supply of printing ink in the machine as also attend to any repairs that might crop up from time to time.