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Listening to your favourite music on vinyl is a habit. Taking the album out of the sleeve, setting and eventually flipping that wax on the turntable, flawlessly adjusting the receiver, skimming through album liner notes, and placing the needle on custom vinyl records bring joy to audiophiles.

In recent years, when the pandemic hit, people’s interest in switching to the traditional way of listening to music is becoming popular. Implant, a custom vinyl printing company, produces outstanding records that people love to bring home something valuable.

If you plan to make your own vinyl, then remember to know what music on vinyl records is selling well, and Custom vinyl pressing Australia has expertise in producing mono colours or multicoloured custom vinyl records, which undoubtedly look incredible with custom made designs that meet your project needs.

Vinyl record comeback continues, so does our vinyl services too

You might have heard and read of how custom vinyl records in Australia have overtaken CD sales for the first time in 35 years. Due to this comeback of custom vinyl in Australia the artist both independent and signed, releasing their albums on custom vinyl records.

About 12 million custom vinyl records have been sold in 2020 worldwide, which means that vinyl pressing record sales are increasing in Australia and worldwide.

There are already bunches of musicians doing it, so why not make your own vinyl with the help of vinyl pressing in Melbourne?

Why choose vinyl pressing in Australia for great music

If you’re a musician looking to attract the attention of prominent people in the music industry, you’ll need to enhance your physical sales, and one effective way to do that is through customized vinyl records.

When it comes to personalized vinyl records, the quality of the music is paramount. The better the music quality, the more elevated it will sound on your custom vinyl record.

To ensure the best outcome, it’s crucial to first level the audio before the printing process. Hire Vinyl pressing services in Melbourne to tests the quality of the music.

At Implant, we’ve collaborated with high-quality overseas pressing plants to provide custom vinyl pressing services. We can create your customized vinyl record in any stock, color, cover, and sleeve that match your unique needs and preferences, all with quick turnaround times.

Our expenses include all export duties and shipping, so there are no sly hidden charges when we give you the final vinyl product.

Choose your colours and design wisely

Our well-equipped vinyl pressing plant in Australia offers black, customized, or transparent colours. Why not integrate it with a colourful label and cover. Ensure there’s an apparent contrast between the white text and background colours. 

Find a high distinction pairing for the text on both your cover and labels for reading purposes. For instance, do not use white text on a light background or make sure the logo in your design should be within the safety zone, signified by the red lines. Everything outside these lines falls on the fold and maybe cut off.

Choose your colours and design wisely for Vinyl Pressing

Gives room for creativity and artwork for vinyl covers

If you have an idea of what you want but don’t know how to create it. Be easy on yourself and use templates offered by Implant, a vinyl pressing plant in Melbourne, for the best result.

If you’re requesting the best physical format to maximize your visual creativity, then that would be custom vinyl records.

Custom vinyl records have ample space for your album cover, and when you add the inner vinyl record sleeve and the vinyl jacket, then there’s so much you can customize.

You can add download cards, posters, photo books, and lyric books, but you have to remember that single jackets won’t hold them in the inner sleeve with the vinyl record.

Implant the best vinyl pressing in Australia. You can customize it with multicoloured, monocoloured, transparent, glow in the dark, and liquid vinyl. You can also have items designed into them, like coloured water, glitters, leaves, and even blood Etc. 

Test pressing

Test pressings are essential for a pressing plant because this is the first time audio material gets assigned to a vinyl format. 

Test pressings are made to guarantee vinyl record grooves themselves are clean, deep enough, and formed correctly when the master presses into the blank vinyl record.

Our vinyl pressing plant ensures your record, tests the stamper’s quality, and adjusts the press settings to make sure your music sounds good as your master file on a freshly pressed record.

In this procedure, the pressing plant may experiment with different settings and throw away a few records, but once the test pressing has acquiesced, we will keep the settings and use it for the main production.

As a custom vinyl record maker in Australia, Implant specializes in creating high-quality vinyl records to meet your specific demands. With us, you can choose the music you want on your vinyl record and create your own custom vinyl cover art.

We take care of the printing process, ensuring that you receive top-notch custom vinyl records that meet your expectations. Plus, we deliver these customized vinyl records right to your doorstep anywhere in Australia.

We believe our prices are cost-effective and the highest quality custom vinyl pressing available in Australia.