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Die-Cut Stickers Vs. Kiss-Cut Stickers: Which is Better?

Die-cut vs Kiss-cut Stickers

You can find them stuck on a youngster’s laptop. A child is happy to get one for good behavior. You probably have one displayed proudly on your car or cycle. A bag may sport a cool one for identification. What are we talking about that has such a wide range of applications? Yes, we are talking about custom stickers! They have become such an omnipresent part of our lives – whether as a form of personal expression, giving information on a food bottle, as a fancy hobby, or as a form of advertisement for our business.

There are many options available for sticker printing in Australia. Commercial printers offer a wide variety of custom sticker printing. Whether you are looking for sticker printing for personal use or your business, it’s a good idea to understand the main types of stickers and their benefits. For custom stickers, you have choice of material, finish, size, and cut. Here, we will specifically look at cutting methods and explain the differences between the two most popular ones – die-cut and kiss-cut.

What are Die-Cut Stickers?

Die-cut stickers are those which are cut in the exact custom shape of the design. The cutting is done through the sticker and backing paper so that the sticker is of the same shape before and after application.

Here are a few benefits of opting for die-cut stickers:

  • Sticker printing in Australia with die-cut technique tends to be cheaper as there is less cutting involved. While the cost difference is not significant, it may be an important factor depending on the volume of printing.
  • Die-cut stickers look great even before application as they have the same shape as the design. So, they are more visually appealing than stickers produced with other cuts. This type of cut helps custom artwork to stand out.
  • Die-cut method also makes it easy to see what the final look of the sticker will be. For example, if you have ordered a bumper sticker design, with die-cut it becomes easier to immediately see how the sticker will look on your car.

What are Kiss-Cut Stickers?

Kiss-cut stickers are those in which the cutting is done only through the vinyl and not the backing paper. The backing paper is kept intact around the sticker.

Let us look at a few benefits of opting for kiss-cut stickers:

  • The backing paper surrounding the sticker makes it more durable. So, custom stickers cut using this technique are easier to transport and the chances of them getting damaged are lower than with die-cut stickers.
  • The extra room around the sticker on the backing paper gives added room for printing extra information and visual elements. This is particularly useful for custom sticker printing done for marketing purposes. The extra space can be used for printing the company logo, contact details, etc.
  • Kiss-cut stickers are easier to remove from the backing paper as the two layers are not cut together along the shape of the design. The extra backing paper gives space for the easy removal of custom stickers. This is the reason why commercial printers offering services in sticker printing in Australia recommend this cut for intricate designs or designs with complex shapes.

Which Custom Stickers Should You Choose – Die-Cut or Kiss-Cut?

Custom Stickers to Choose Between Die-cut and Kiss-cut Stickers

So, which cutting technique should you choose for your custom sticker printing order? There is no straight right or wrong answer to this question as it depends on the purpose for which the custom stickers are being printed. Both techniques have their advantages, and you can get top-quality sticker printing with both cutting methods.

If cost is a factor, you may want to look at die-cut as they tend to be cheaper. Die-cut stickers make for excellent business giveaways as they can mimic the look of your product, logo, or other advertising elements. They give a more personalized appearance and are great for emphasizing unique shapes and designs.

But, if you are looking at custom sticker printing options that will help with the easier and faster application of stickers, then the kiss-cut technique is the best option. This is also a great option for custom stickers where you want to add other design elements or more information about your brand.

Summing Up

We have seen the advantages of both die-cut stickers and kiss-cut stickers. Both are excellent options, and the choice finally depends on factors like cost, durability, and purpose.

If you are still confused about which cutting technique to choose for your custom stickers, it is best to consult a reliable and experienced commercial printing service. One of the top names for sticker printing in Australia is Implant Media. We offer high-quality custom sticker printing at great prices. We can handle orders of small as well as big scale. Our in-house design team helps clients with the creative aspect of designing custom stickers.

The technical team at Implant has streamlined processes to understand the client’s needs and advise them on the technical aspects of the material, finish, printing, etc.