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Pros And Cons of DVD Duplication in Sydney

Information can be burned on to a blank CD/DVD-R where this method is called DVD Duplication Sydney. Some advantages of DVD Duplication Sydneyis that the standard turn-time is 2-3 business days, even for runs up to 5,000 units. And digital full colour printing is available with no prepress charges.

Without doubt there are also disadvantages of DVD Duplication Sydney. Firstly, the cost per unit for duplication is higher than replication. DVDs can have up to 2 layers of information on each side of the media. DVD-R duplicates can have 1 layer of information on the entire DVD. Most DVD Duplication Sydney facilities are small and usually limited to hand assembly of the media into packaging as a result of their low volume runs.

Both DVD duplication Sydney and DVD replication extract data from the original in the same way. In terms of manufacturing, however, this is where the similarities end. The finished product of either process performs in the same manner, although there will be difference to the eye depending upon the whether the discs are digitally, screened, or offset printed.