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DVD Duplication

DVD Duplication: We can give practical advice at every stage of the process. If it’s your first time, we’ll guide you through step by step. If you know what you want, you’ll find that we have some of the most competitive prices in Australia.

DVD Duplication is the process of burning music or data onto recordable discs. You can order duplication runs between 10 and 499 DVDs. If you’re after 500 or more DVDs they are usually replicated (pressed DVDs).

Why duplication?

Duplicated DVDs are perfect for low quantity, fast turnaround orders. Coupled with our un-beatable digitally printed inserts and cases, you can get great looking product on time, no sweat!

The burning process

We use A-grade, high quality blank media which is burned at x8 speed. We can produce DVD-R single layer (DVD-5) or DVD+R dual layer (DVD-9) DVDs. DVD-5 discs can fit up to 4.7GB of data. DVD-9 discs can fit up to 8.5GB of data. To ensure the integrity of your content every disc we burn is verified.

Our DVDs have a white printable coating (no stickers!) that can be inkjet printed with your artwork. Our high resolution inkjet printers produce clear, bright, vibrant colours. We can also print shiny silver discs with black text. In this case we use a thermal printing process to bond the print to the disc surface.

We offer 3 price levels of printing: black text print, basic print and full print.

  • Black text: black text or basic black logo on a silver or white disc.
  • Basic print: up to 1/3 of the disc surface printed black or full colour
  • Full print: more than 1/3 of the disc surface printed black or full colour

For an added layer of protection the printed disc can be coated with a protective, UV cured lacquer. This UV coating also gives the disc an eye popping glossy finish. We recommend it for dark coloured or bright, vibrant artwork.

Master DVD

We recommend that you have your master disc professionally produced. We prefer the following format:

  • an error checked DVD-R master

If you can only supply files there will be a master creation fee of $25. We can only make DVD masters from the following file formats:


  • any data files up to the size limit of a DVD-R
  • iso file


Artwork needs to be set up to our specs and supplied as print ready pdfs files.

Duplicated DVD orders take 1-3 working days to complete. Delivery to most major metro cities in Australia is 1-3 working days.

We’re happy to accommodate urgent requests where possible, just contact one of our sales staff!