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Get Your CDs Printed in Time

Getting any job done on time is important. To avoid unnecessary hurdles and ensure your printing CD order is completed by the date you have in mind, if you have approached CD printing Sydney services, check with them that you have completed all the required steps.

Resolution problems

When you give CDs etc. for printing, you must ensure that the files and images have a high resolution i.e. 300 dots per inch for the actual size you want printed. If the files are saved at anything lower than this, it will decrease the integrity and quality of the image.

This will result in the disc getting a totally unprofessional look. To ensure the above tip is followed, the image should be scanned at the particular 300 dots per inch, or it should belong to the group of 300 dots per inch files.

Converting fonts

When submitting the artwork to CD printing Sydney services you need to ensure that the fonts are converted – either to outlines, or they should be submitted when the artwork is given.

Utilisation of templates

It is necessary that every image has a 1/8” bleed around the edges so that if any shift is required, it can happen when the CD or DVD project is set up. CD printing Sydney services would probably request you to use their templates when you prepare the artwork. This not only helps the artwork to be set up in a proper manner re printable area and size, it also ensures successful printing on the CDs.

Successful printing of images

It is important that all images that are linked should be embedded or supplied so that the printed image on each disc is done successfully. This exercise can be checked in different ways. CD printing Sydney services will request you to ensure that your programme does not have any missing images before undertaking the artwork.

Selecting the colours

The process for using various inks is known as spot colours or PMS colours. These colours are mixed to achieve the exact colour you would like for your printing.

Swatch books containing a range of colours are available for you to select the colour you want. When using spot colours, CD printing Sydney services will be able to produce colour results that are vibrant and which are great for areas that are large.

Certain colours like magenta, black, yellow and cyan can create a rainbow of colours. If process printing is used, it helps to achieve a wide range of colour flexibility and print options. A white background also known as a flood coat is the best type of background to use.

Creating a Fitness DVD

It is a good idea to come up with a fitness DVD as that is a wonderful way of generating additional income. However, you need to do meticulous planning as DVD making process could be a tedious and time-consuming affair. Once you make up your mind to produce a fitness DVD, it is best to look for a reliable CD replication Sydney.

Once you have identified a reputed CD replication Sydney, get in touch with them and discuss your project. It is important to choose a CD replication Sydney that has a goodwill in the market.

Begin with Developing a Production Plan

The very first step to creating a DVD is to prepare a meticulous production plan. Your plan should necessarily consider the following points:

  • The kind of video you wish to create
  • The target audience
  • The equipment you would be requiring and where or how you would have access to them
  • The extras you would re requiring for developing the fitness video such as exercisers / models, props or music (and licenses).
  • Length of the video or the exact time-span you have in mind, for the fitness regime.

Next step is to decide how the overall product should look like and then you must plan accordingly.

Finding a Production Company

Once you have chalked out a plan, identify a reputed production company and ask them for an estimate based on your specific requirements. Compare the prices. Keep in mind that the cost of CD replication Sydney or making copies for distribution or resale is not included in the overall production costs. For that you would need to pay reproduction costs. Do not forget to include reproduction costs in your overall budget for this particular project.

Getting Ready to Shoot

Check everything well on time before the shoot commences. Make sure that you have all the required equipment and props, the script should be ready and the scene schedule should be ready to aid the camera person. Double check everything.

See if the filming area is set up just the way you wanted. Make sure that the lighting, timing, camera angles as well as movements are exactly as you had planned. Ensure that few takes are done for every segment so that there is some extra footage for editing purposes.

Editing the Material

The production company would send you a copy containing usable footage so that you can review. You need to carefully watch the footage so that you can decide what shots, takes and camera angles should be used in your fitness DVD and accordingly inform the editor.

Review carefully the first draft sent to you by the editor and send him your feedback. Once the editing process is done and you have approved the packaging and the program, you could go ahead and get in touch with a replication company for copies. You could then begin selling your fitness DVD.

Distributing the DVD

Look for a reliable CD replication Sydney and place your order. When the DVD replication Sydney sends you the required number of copies, you could start selling your DVD through the website or your own studio. You should come up with an extensive marketing list.