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How Much Does it Cost to Print Business Cards in Melbourne?

Business Card Printing-Melbourne

If you own a business and need a convenient way to exchange information in person, then opt for business card printing with designs from scratch or choose the pre-made template, which is an essential marketing networking tool.

Business cards help convey a message about your company or personal. Business card printing service will aid in making a long-lasting impression on your potential clients or business associates, even on a budget.

Suppose you ask about the business card printing cost. In that case, it will vary based on several factors, from the number of cards you want to buy and the printing company, and the most significant factor to the final bills is the look and feel of the business card itself.

Compared to other marketing tools, customized business cards are a quick and easy way to introduce yourself and your company to anyone you meet. The Implant is a business card printing company in Australia that creates low-cost business cards which have a tremendous impact on business.

Business card printing is a cost-effective way to make a lasting impression on colleagues and clients, but the card is simple and stays with them long after you go. The business card cost may increase if you add special finishes, but you may be surprised it does not cost as much as you think.

Factors that Determine the Cost of Your Business Cards

Matte or Gloss Coating

Many business card printing companies use two standard coatings for business cards. The most popular is the matte and gloss coating which has its associated costs as they pass through different business card manufacturers.

If your business card design has images and fancy texts with more vibrant colors, choose gloss coating for your personalized business cards. At the same time, if you need a smooth touch with texture on your logo, then choose matte coating.

Business Card Dimensions

The most popular size for business card printing is the 3.5-inch x 2-inch. Business card design size can vary depending upon your region. The cost should be the same if you choose other standard business card sizes.

If you need a personalized size for your business card, contact Implant, a business card printing company in Melbourne that creates customized business cards with special designs and materials with modern cutting machines.

Stock Weight

The material or the stock of the paper used for business card printing is the most significant contributor to your business card expenses. If you choose a thicker material, it takes more material to manufacture, and eventually, the cost also increases.

The standard stock paper weight for the business cards 1m x 1m is 350-100 grams per square meter, but the paper weight of business cards may go up to 650 grams per square meter. If you want to remain within the budget of business card printing costs, choose a high-quality stock material that is thick and strong to stand out.

Color Depth Printing

The color combination is vital to making an impression at first glance for potential customers. When a customer likes your business cards with attractive designs and vibrant colors, there is a more chance they will call back for your services.

Assess color depth for printing business cards to check how color combinations work when printed on your desired stock material or paper. However, printing companies charge more for color printing. Implant use high-quality printers that deliver unique and noticeable color depths worth the extra costs.

Business Card Printing

Unique Shapes

Standard business card cutting machines are preset to cut in rectangles or square shapes. If you need a different shape for your business cards, it can impact the cost of printing in bulk. A personalized shape significantly increases the business card printing cost compared to standard business card shapes.

However, some manufacturers like Implant have various preset shapes for customers who need to stand out with business card printing and cutting.

Double-Sides or Single-Sided

When designing your business card, ensure if you want to use both sides of the card or only one side. Because if you are printing only for one side of the card, then printing companies use less toner, reducing the overall business card printing cost.

Most companies or people who make business cards for personal use print on both sides. If you order only single-side business cards, you’re likely to pay less than double-sided. If you need low-cost business cards, then go for single-sided print.

Special Finish

If you need your business card to attract eyeballs and give off the “wow” factor, then add a special finish such as raised spot gloss finish, a common type of finish for business card printing manufacturers.

Special finish is directly proportional to business card printing cost. Opting for personalized die-cut business cards can cost you more because the die needs to be made specifically for your custom business cards. The unique finish on your die-cut can benefit you to get low-cost business cards.

Devise a relationship with a business card service provider who understands your requirements and thinks beyond a single print job. Contact Implant, a business card printing company in Melbourne that produces top-notch business cards, attracts eyeballs with low-cost business cards.

Get many benefits in bulk purchasing, and you can rely on reliability, increased service, and overall productivity. We deliver all over Australia in a fast turnaround time.