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How to Choose a CD Duplication Service?

How to Choose a CD Duplication Service?

Choosing a CD duplication service should be an easy decision? Not so. There are so many services being advertised online today, it can cause a few pangs of worry as to whether you are making the right choice. Especially if it is the first assignment you have to handle to duplicate multiple copies.

The main attributes that come to mind when selecting a CD duplication service, are affordability, reliability and a company that is of repute. But there are other factors also that need to be considered and pitfalls to be avoided.


If you choose a service that offers the lowest rates owing to a limited budget, you are definitely running a risk. The quality of the CD is an extremely important factor. Moreover, the finishing of the graphics and printing also matter.

These may not come out as professional if you choose a cheap CD duplication service. So do not make your decision solely based on the lowest bid. Take a look at all the other factors to make your final decision.


The quality of the CD is an all important factor. The CD should play multiple times without losing its quality. If the CD quality fades after some time, your credibility will drop drastically.

You need to ensure that the CD duplication service uses high quality CDs that are on par with the industry’s highest standards. This will ensure your CDs will have a long life.


Time is also an important factor when ordering out CD duplication work. There are different processes used for CD copying. And the time taken to do the work depends largely on the quantity of CDs to be processed.

During the duplication process, the information is burnt on a CD surface from which multiple copies can be made in a short period of time. This process it not a very expensive one. CD replication however involves using a master copy which stamps the data on the blank CDs.

It is this process that produces the high quality results as the copies come out exactly like the original master copy.

Given the above options, it would be a good idea to first make out a list of all the leading CD duplication services. You should read all the information they provide on their websites to see if they can comply with all your requirements.

Also make sure that the service has the right instructions and help to extend to the customer in case of any problems, and check on delivery and payment issues once the project has been completed.