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How to Create Your Custom Vinyl Records in Australia

Create Your Custom Vinyl Records in Australia

Making your custom vinyl record is a good and interesting way to preserve your musical works or to celebrate some other event and present your creation to someone special. Vinyl records in Australia have emerged, and many options for vinyl pressing are now available to ensure production of high-quality custom vinyl records in Australia.

If you’re looking to create a memorable keepsake for a musician hoping to drop your album on vinyl or an individual who is in search of a unique reflection to gift a loved one for any occasion, producing your vinyl record in Australia is feasible, and this guide will provide you with all the information you need to do so.

Why Choose Custom Vinyl Record?

The custom vinyl record offers a personal touch that digital formats can’t match. Anyone can create custom vinyl records in Australia; whether you are a solo artist or a band, or someone looking to immortalize a special event, custom vinyl records in Australia provide a unique and tangible way to showcase your music or memories. Here’s why you should consider it:

  • Superior Sound Quality:

    Vinyl is rich in sounds that are usually warm and natural, which is not available in digital forms.

  • Tangible Art:

    The custom vinyl record has its artwork, designs, songs, album covers, etc.

  • Collectible:

    They are also good to keep as collectors and gifts.

  • Nostalgia:

    Analysing the trends shown above one can see that vinyl records are a great idea of nostalgia and authenticity.

  • Artistic Expression:

    The vinyl can be personalised based on the person’s specifications, artwork, and the liner notes of the disk.

Understanding Vinyl Pressing in Australia

Manufacturing or cutting vinyl transcriptions is also known as Vinyl pressing. It is a process with multiple steps, such as mastering, plating, pressing, and packaging. Every piece of record is an actual materialization of the music itself, and this is why the records are very valuable for any collector or fan.

Creating Your Custom Vinyl Record

As vinyl pressing is the process of creating vinyl records from a master audio source. It is rather easy to find several companies in Australia that are involved in vinyl recordings, from mastering to pressing to packaging. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your custom vinyl records in Australia.

Creating Your Custom Vinyl Record

Step 1: Prepare Your Audio

The first step in pressing a custom vinyl record is to effectively process the audio. This involves:

  • Mastering Your Tracks:

    Mastering is the last post-production of audio. It works on your audio for vinyl and corrects it in a manner that the transduction medium of the sound produces the desired effect. Major of the pressing firms have the mastering as part of their services.

  • Selecting Your Tracks:

    Choose the songs that are to be applied. Pay attention to the type and the sequence of the vinyl as it has long-time restrictions (roughly 22 min per side in the high-quality mode).

Step 2: Choose a Reputable Vinyl Pressing Service

The first is to identify a pressing service in Australia that produces quality vinyl. Understand the services the company offers and their reviews, track record, and pricing matrix. Among the vinyl pressing Australia services is Implant Media offers a range of services and the more flexible ones with customisable options.

Step 3: Design Your Artwork

Your custom vinyl record isn’t just about the music; the visual aspect is equally important. Most vinyl pressing companies also offer design templates for the record labels and sleeves. See to it that the proposed piece is rich in quality and size. If you are not a designer, try to hire an artist to create cover artwork to draw attention to your music.

Step 4: Submit Your Order

Once your audio and artwork are ready, you should submit the order. Here’s what to expect:

  • Audio Submission:

    Typically, you will need to provide your mastered audio files in a high-quality digital format (such as WAV or AIFF).

  • Artwork Submission:

    Make your artwork files according to the press company’s requirements.

  • Order Details:

    Choose the number of records you want, the type of vinyl (standard black, colored, or picture disc), and any additional features like gatefold sleeves or special inserts.

Step 5: Pressing and Production

Once you place an order, the vinyl pressing company will make the master disc that will be used to replicate the copies of your record. This process involves:

  • Lacquering:

    Importing and creating lacquer master from your audio.

  • Electroplating:

    Lacque the piece, then cast it to make a metal die for stamping.

  • Pressing:

    Hot vinyl pellets are formed into the grooves of the stamper to produce your records.

Step 6: Assurance and Packaging

Because these are custom and personalised vinyl records, they undergo a quality check before being shipped. After approval, the records are put into your sleeves and then sent to you.

Step 7: The Best Custom Vinyl Record Out There

Once your records arrive, it is time to enjoy your creation. Getting or giving vinyl records as gifts or keeping them as personal collections has become one of the best and most special ways to enjoy music.

Tips for a Successful Vinyl Pressing Experience

  • Communicate Clearly:

    New releases should be well communicated to the pressing plant. Clear instructions and prompt responses will ensure that no confusion or unnecessary delays.

  • Understand the Costs:

    Vinyl pressing in Australia can be expensive. It is also good to remember all the costs of items like the mastering session, the artwork of the object, the pressing of the object, and the delivery of the object to market.

  • Order Extras:

    That would be great to order a few extra copies. This may prove handy in the marketing of substitutions should there be a need.

  • Promote Your Release:

    Promote custom vinyl records by using social media sites and local events. Engaging your audience will maximize your efforts and investment.

Implant Media Providing Custom Vinyl Records in Australia

When it comes to quality vinyl pressing services in Australia, Implant Media stands out of the crowd with unique and flexible options focusing on customer satisfaction and the following,

  • Expertise in Vinyl Pressing:

    With years of experience, we offer the best quality vinyl pressing in Australia.

  • Customization Options:

    Vinyl pressing in Australia can be expensive. It is also good to remember all the costs of items like the mastering session, the artwork of the object, the pressing of the object, and the delivery of the object to market.

  • Professional Mastering Services:

    nsure your audio sounds its best with our professional audio mastering services.

  • Fast Turnaround Times:

    We offer competitive turnaround times while maintaining high quality.

  • Dedicated Customer Support:

    We are committed to providing exceptional customer service throughout the entire process.


While everything is polarising on digital, the art of creating your custom vinyl record in Australia as a physical piece of media is a unique thought. Physical records and other entities are another important way of passing music materials and promotional materials to the end users, and this is especially crucial because so many artists try to promote themselves through vinyl pressing. These steps would enable you and other graphic designers to work together with some of the best vinyl pressing plants to give your music life.

Implant Media is there at the beginning of your vinyl-collecting journey. We know that the logistics of producing Custom Vinyl Record do not require much thinking, only a little imagination from you, and we make your dream records play on the turntables sooner than you expect with our advanced techniques of vinyl pressing in Australia.

Ready to create your custom vinyl record in Australia? Contact Implant Media today to get started on your vinyl pressing journey.