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How to Protect Your CDs against Copying

CDs and DVDs are an extremely popular way of storing information both for advertising and commercial purposes. In fact, you can just hop into any shop and pick up a writable CD and make as many copies as required of the same.

The copyright laws are grossly ignored. To curb such a practice, a new technology protection solution is now available to protect from such copying. This protection solution applied on the CD forms a barrier that is unbreakable, yet it is also invisible. So, the end-user is not aware of its presence on the CD. You can approach CD replication Sydney services for help on this issue.

The binding material used to protect the CD from being copied should be such that it cannot be imitated. Once the contents of the discs are bound to the optical disc the same cannot be launched from other replicated CDs.

Depending on the required number of copies and type of replication required, your CD replication Sydney team can guide you on what options to use as below:

Disc Keys

To activate a protected disc a disc key needs to be used. Many CD replication Sydney services offer this service. The disc key matches the protection system of the disc’s physical parameters, so if replication is required, it can be done without the help of any other equipment. The disc key has to be used the first time the protected CD is used.

Silent Activation

In the case of silent activation, there is no need for a disc key. When the disc is played the inserted protection system identifies the disc without any help from the user. However, this type of silent protection for CDs, protecting them from pirate replication is a feature offered by specialised CD replication Sydney services.

Meant for Small batches

If the number of CDs to be protected is not large, a special protection method is used. If the disc is already protected, burning can take place by using any replication or household CD drive equipment. There is no need to use a disc key. Because of the silent activation, you can buy an already protected CD and record the same wherever you want.


Watermarking helps to protect discs from being copied on two levels – the psychological level and technical level. This is done by applying a special digital watermark which can be put on data in any disc.

An example would be – by adding a hidden frame with a special number which has reference only to the customer. This will immediately help to track if any unauthorised copies are made.

Though this may not prove a very effective copying procedure, if the customer is made aware of such water mark being present he/she would probably refrain from going the ‘copying’ route.

If you are interested in using a watermark feature, talk to your CD replication Sydney service.