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CD Duplication Sydney – How to Sell More CDs at Your Show?

CD Duplication SydneyHow to Sell More CDs at Your Show?

Trying to sell something to anyone, often feels like a kind of ‘begging’ effort. Especially if it is an item that has had no previous exposure, and people might be reluctant to buy. Stage artists particularly go through this often embarrassing routine when they try to sell CDs of their music to the attending audience. Here are some points to consider if you want your sales pitch to be more successful.

Make a strong pitch

Tell the audience that the CD is good! That it contains entertaining music and will certainly prove a good buy. Also, that though there is a small charge for the CD, since you feel it is important that the audience has access to it, you are willing to let them have it free – rather than depart the auditorium without a CD.

Say it twice

Do not wait till the end of the show to announce sale of the CDs. By then people may be tired and want to rush off home without the hassle of pushing through a crowd to reach the table selling the CDs. By doing this they will be prepared, and if you follow it up with another end-of-the-show announcement, chances are they may already have kept their cash ready to pick up the CD.

Emphasise importance

While announcing sale of the CDs, tell the audience that by having a record of the show they will be able to enjoy the music many times over and also share the experience with friends who have not been able to attend the show.

Also the pitch of offering the CD free, acts like a fly being drawn to the flame of a lit candle. Getting anything for free has always been a draw. It also acts like a huge incentive for future shows when people rush not only to enjoy the show, but to get their share of something free.

Making it possible

So if you have a CD of your show and would like to sell/give away the same at the hall, you will need to have enough copies to go around. This of course will involve having CD duplication done.

After announcing sale of the CDs, you should not run short when people rush to buy. So be prepared. If you need really good CD duplication, try out CD duplication Sydney services with Implant Media. Their quality of duplication is excellent and their service is good.

The process

Hire a professional CD duplication Sydney service for best results. Hundreds of discs can be burnt at a time using linked together towers. In this manner, many copies are simultaneously created.

The CD duplication Sydney service will check that all the information on the original CD has no data corruption. After that, the whole process starts moving resulting in exact replicas which are then lacquered, printed and packaged.

There are several benefits of hiring a CD duplication Sydney to create your CD album. For one, you can get up to 5000 CDs can be made in 2-3 business days. You won’t have to pay any pre-press charges even for full colour digital printing.

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