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Many benefits of CD Duplication

When you want to make copies of CDs, if the number is not very large, the best way to do it is CD duplication.

  • CD duplication is usually used when a maximum of around 500 copies are required. By going in for CD duplication you will be able to get really high quality, especially when it comes to sound. Using the services of a CD duplication Sydney company will ensure this.
  • CD duplication also falls cheaper than going in for CD replication. The latter of course is used when a much larger quantity of CDs need to be copied.
  • CD duplication means you can perform the same on the computer in your home. You just need to select the right programme which will then automatically make copies of the desired content on a pre-manufactured disc known as CDR. It is an extremely simple and very convenient method for CD duplication, when small quantities are involved.
  • CD duplication does not require the use of any special equipment.
  • It also does not require any special training.
  • Lastly, CD duplication can be completed in a short period of time.

If you use CD duplication Sydney services for your requirement of CD duplication you will find that the sound quality attained is as good as the original CD. If you were to opt for CD replication you might have to commit to a specific minimum figure i.e. more than you actually require. By using CD duplication you can eliminate such ‘extra’ copies and save on the expense.

By using the services of CD duplication Sydney, you will get to enjoy good professional duplication and packaging of your CDs.

  • As a specialist service CD duplication Sydney will have the use of software that is innovative. The CDs will be duplicated without interference with regard to quality of the master CD.
  • Since home computers normally have two or four burners, if you have about 100 CDs to duplicate it could prove time-consuming as only one CD can be produced at a time. So getting the job done with a professional service like CD duplication Sydney you will benefit in speed and quality.
  • A service like CD duplication Sydney will also be able to provide you with quality packing. The CDs will be packaged in attractive packages with the additional advantage of printing your name or business logo. Good packaging will also ensure resistance to corrosion and any other type of damage.