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An Comprehensive Guide on CD Replication Sydney

CD Replication Sydney refers to making multiple copies of a CD or DVD from a master copy, producing identical disks with identical information. This is different from CD and DVD duplication, where information is placed onto a disk from a computer or another similar device.

Generally a CD has the storage capacity of 650 mega bytes. A CD consists of an aluminum tip reflector layer and a clear plastic bottom. This process is used for making clones that are similar to the master CD. The resulted product is the exact copy of your data.

Thereafter the molded CD undergoes silver screening process or offset printing. Finally, you get an exactly same type of CD as the original with the same audio and visual quality that you’re buying from a store.

The CD Replication Sydney company uses the raw unedited footage and produces the CDs within the projected time frame after understanding the requirements of the client.

  1. Unit costs are lower than duplicated discs.
  2. Both offset printing and screen-printing is available for CD Replication Sydney
  3. Most CD Replication Sydney facilities, as a result of their high volume run capability, can auto assemble discs into jewel cases, paper/tyvek sleeves, amaray cases, or cardboard sleeves.

This process is mainly carried out to meet the need of large quantities of CD. While any CD Replication Sydney process, the quality should be maintained properly to give the best output.