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Things to Consider Before You Think of CD Pressing

Things to Consider Before You Think of CD Pressing

To make a really good CD you need to have a collection of good music. In fact, that is the first and most important requirement. Among all the music tracks you put on the CD, at least there should be two or three really outstanding ones. The other tracks could remain in the ‘medium’ category. So before you hire a CD pressing Sydney team to press your CDs, consider the following things.

Have you got an audience?

If you are going to release a CD with your own music you would definitely look forward to as many people listening to it, as possible. Since you might be totally new to the music business your first CD might just garner a small size audience i.e. mostly people you know who will take the trouble to go into your website and then, only then – they might buy the CD.


As stated above your friends and acquaintances might humour you by purchasing your CD. But surely you would like the CD to reach many more people. Especially as you have taken the trouble to record the CD and release it. So you should also develop a marketing plan. You could ask your CD Pressing Sydney service for tips and ideas. They could probably suggest some of the best ways to market the CD.

Number of CDs

Once you have a firm marketing plan you will then have to decide how many CDs you should go ahead and press. If you are planning to press around 500 CDs, you could go in for duplication which is cheaper.

However, if you are thinking big and have a figure of around 5000 in your mind, should replication or pressing be the best option? Here again, you could check with your CD Pressing Sydney service to help you make a decision about the number of CDs to press.

Checking your budget

If your CD Pressing Sydney service feels you should go in for replication because of your wide marketing strategy you would then need to consider whether you have the budget to make the required number – 500 CDs or more.

Replication is more expensive than duplication. But it can be done without emptying your pockets. To get the whole package to look good you should select the correct material and packaging for the CD. In this case as well, you should go along with the advice of your CD Pressing Sydney service.