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Tips for Creating a CD Jewel Case

Since it could be the first time you are creating a jewel case for a CD, the best way to start would be to use a pre-formatted layout template. These templates can be downloaded free and they act as guidelines with regard to cut-lines, printing area and bleed lines for the background.

The templates are also the right size and dimensions, as also right colour mode and resolution. So get smart, do not waste your time trying to do things from scratch. Use a pre-formatted jewel case template it will save you time and trouble, plus bring in more money. For any help you require you should contact CD printing Sydney services.

Start the process

Folding of panels etc. for a CD jewel case can prove a bit tricky, especially if you try to do this by hand. The task requires precision and the right alignment both of which take up a lot of time. So avoid such trouble and use the services of CD printing Sydney.

Paper selection

The jewel case for a CD has to be made of the right type of paper i.e. neither too thin nor too thick. The selected paper has to be of the right thickness and quality, otherwise it will appear bland and uninspiring.

Check with CD printing Sydney services, they will guide you in selecting the right type of premium quality paper with a gloss text of 100-pound – the glossiness showing on both sides.

Using a foil stamp

There is a big advantage when you use a foil stamp to enhance the design of the jewel case. The foil stamp outlines the graphic elements and text and makes the design on the case look really elegant. It also gives the graphic elements and block text a touch of fun.

Making it easy

If you are nervous about making a start, take the help of services like CD printing Sydney. They will have the software programme which helps to make perfect CD inserts. This software is usable with all the versions of Windows including Windows 7 and 8. It also does not need the case templates of Microsoft.

So this is your chance to come up with an eye-catching jewel case for your CD. In addition you can check with CD printing Sydney services about getting copy written for insertion in the CD narrow spine. This will help you to select a particular CD while the collection is stacked sideways.