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Tips for Creating the Right Artwork for Your CD Album Cover

Tips for Creating the Right Artwork for Your CD Album Cover

If you are creating your own CD album cover make sure it portrays the right impression. The ‘first look’ is always important, no matter what the inside contents are. Also remember you get only one chance to create this first look.

Once the artwork is printed and done there will be little or no opportunity to change it. If you have doubts or are unable to decide what to do, approach CD printing Sydney services. They will probably have several ideas and suggestions to help you out.

Bad experiences

Many good artists in the past who made excellent music CDs failed to package them in the right way. The CD boxes had pictures which neither promoted their music, nor were appealing enough to get people to buy them. So from that angle the CDs probably suffered an unnecessary failure.

Go for experience and quality

As stated above the artwork on the CD box is the first thing people see when shopping for CDs. So make sure you have left this part of making a CD in the hands of experienced and skilled CD Printing Sydney company. A professional team will take the time and trouble to ensure that the picture outside matches the good music on the CD itself. CD printing Sydney services have been known to produce good quality work in this respect.

Visuals and pictures you should avoid as artwork on CD boxes:

  • Pictures showing people and animals clubbed together should be avoided.
  • Do not use a piece of clip art.
  • You should hire the services of a professional art work designers or a CD Printing Sydney It might cost a bit, but the whole idea is to produce a CD of quality and the cover can be as important as the music contained inside.
  • If you have had favourite albums in the past, what got your attention with regard to their covers? Think about the ideas that were used and perhaps you could do something similar.
  • When printing the cover make sure that your brand name and music titles can be clearly read. This will help people to immediately make choices when buying.

When creating your own CD album cover remember you should try and make it as professional as possible. It should look at least 90% like the professional albums sold in the stores. So on the cover issue do not hold back. If you have no experience at all in this line, it would be wise to check out with CD Printing Sydney services. It will surely be money well spent.