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We have all seen software and music CD’s. One of the things these types of discs have in common is the quantity, they are produced in the millions. The minimal being 500 and often it stretches into the tens of millions of copies. This means that when a CD “run” is done, it is at least a medium run when it involves CD Replication Sydney. This is a form of CD Replication Sydney.

Information stored on one CD can be copied to another with the help of a CD burner. A computer facilitates this function with ease. CD Replication Sydney is different from the CD duplication process where duplication of CDs may be done without the consent of the manufacturing company, however, the CD replication process is done only with the permission of the manufacturer.

A common question is: what is the difference between CD Replication Sydney and duplication? To keep it simple, the main difference is that duplication is like putting a CD in the computer and recording it. However, Replication is “pressing” the disc in a factory environment. It was also mentioned before that Replication is used for medium to large runs. This is a much bigger job than just duplication. Depending on what you need and are trying to achieve, this determines which is better at that moment.

There is no doubt that CD Replication Sydney is useful with so much multimedia discs being produced in huge amounts, processes like CD Duplication are needed. It presents the opportunity of saving money for those that need many CD’s replicated. Since the amount of replication is so large, many service providers will offer a discount for large products. For all your CD needs, contact Implant media