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What are Digipak CDs and their different types?

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The Digipak CDs have consistently remained one of the most popular choices when it comes to CD packaging. The gatefold paper or cardboard binding used to build the outer binding of a digipak cd case make it look highly professional, relevant, and aesthetic without all the bulk of plastic jewel cases. With a variety of options for trays, clear, black, or white, and the option to add extra panels for multiple disks, the digipak case stands out with its vibrant inks and materials with a rich texture. 

What are Digipaks and what do they look like?

Digipaks are a type of packaging used for CDs and DVDs, made from cardboard stock. It contains an internal plastic holder which can hold more than one disk. The disks in a digipak cd case are held in place by Flexi trays (trays made of plastic) glued to the cardboard cover. This cover is typically used by artists to display custom artwork and graphics, most commonly album artwork.

There is not much difference in terms of how digipaks look in comparison to a standard jewel case cd. The only major difference is the material used to make the outer covering, which in the case of digipaks, facilitates the manufacturers and the artists to display their unique and eye-catching graphics.

What are the different types of Digipaks?

There are several types of Digipaks, and they all include lyrics booklets, promotional material to direct the listeners to other relevant materials, a song list, and sometimes even thank-you notes from artists. Here is an overview of the different types available:

4-Panel Digipak

This is the most popular type of cd case that even managed to beat the jewel case in terms of sales and eventually replace it. This case has 4 printable panels glued together for a rigid yet sleek and stylish feel, with a plastic tray glued in the center that can hold up to two disks.

6-panel Digipak

The 6-panel digipak contains an extra tray, allowing more room for creativity in terms of packaging. The plastic panel for holding the CD can be placed either in the center panel or one of the other two, depending on the kind of design the artist or manufacturer wishes to choose. Digipaks also come in 8 or 10-panel options, which are although much rare, thus allowing the artist and album to stand out.

Paper foam CD Digipak

This type replaces the plastic Flexi tray holding the CDs with paper foam, which is biodegradable. It has a much lower carbon footprint on average, as compared to its plastic counterparts. This helps you contribute towards saving the environment.

Different Types of Digipacks

Are Digipaks better than Jewel cases?

While digipaks are considered to be cd sleeves or packaging for your CDs made out of cardboard, Jewel cases are considered to be storage cases for them. There is, however, no doubt about the fact that digipaks are a far superior option. It has extra space for the artist to display their graphics creatively and vibrantly. There is enough real estate to put in lyrics or personal feelings as thank-you notes. 

 Being less harmful to the environment, these reasonably priced cd sleeves rightfully gained popularity among music fans. Apart from these reasons, digipak CD buyers experience a sense of satisfaction and happiness after opening the beautifully presented package. 

Digipak CDs are your perfect gift option

If you are a music enthusiast, an artist, a collector, or an old-school romantic looking to replicate some of your favorite CDs and DVDs, make your partner a custom mix tape, or your friend a unique digipak cd case. There has never been a better time to gift your loved ones a special custom-made digipak. 

The personalized CD will be an awesome addition to their collection. The music artists and songs that are memorable are always associated with a particular time in our lives. Giving customized CDs on special occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduation, or other occasions makes an impact on the receivers as it has a meaning and message attached to them.

CDs and DVDs in this era of online audio and video streaming in digital formats, tend to have a nostalgic appeal, which makes them exponentially more special as far as gifting options are concerned. 

Improve your music sales with Digipak CDs

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