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Unveiling Step-by-Step Process of CD Replication

There are many CD manufacturers and other publishing houses who say they find it economical to sell music CDs, as they provide a large profit margin on sales. CD replication Sydney is a process, which primarily involves copying information from a master disk to make multiple copies of it. It is a complicated process but has been made simple with the advent of fully automated replication machines.

This equipment is a large capital expense and many CD replication Sydney companies carry on the process in factories. To replicate CDs;

  1. A glass master is made by the replicating company or is provided by the customer, from which a stamper is made.
  2. This stamper is in turn used to make the CD foil. Once made it is covered with multiple layers of polycarbonate plastic and screened.
  3. The final process involves a strict quality check to scan for flaws and errors. The replicating process and printing of CDs is usually done simultaneously.

Over the years, these two functions have been handled by the same company and resulted in cost effective solutions. CD replication Sydney can be summarized as a process of reproduction of media such as music CDs, data CDs or video CDs by manufacturing them. The process makes use of expensive equipment, which is used mainly for the production of large quantities of music CDs.

CD replication Sydney is a service that has been used by production hoses to release new materials. It proves to be an economical option for them without any compromise on quality. Visit for expert advise and information on CD replication Sydney services.