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CD Replication – Tips for Getting it Right

CD Replication – Tips for Getting it Right

When going in for CD replication or duplication you need to ensure there is quality and consistency. Many online companies advertise their proficiency in performing the above, but the end result is not always what is expected. A few tips are given below to ensure you make the right choice:

  • The basic CD burning software is very important. So when making the master disc, do so with the help of the abovementioned software.
  • You then need to decide whether you want to duplicate or replicate your CD. If you have a number which is more than say 500, CD replication would produce a better result. For lesser quantities duplication will suffice.
  • Whichever company you select, make sure that they have the right infrastructure to produce a quality product.
  • Another point to keep in mind is that the duplicated or replicated CD or DVD should be able to be played back on different types of players, otherwise the reach will be limited.
  • Packing is important. You can select from printed or simple paper sleeves, to jewel boxes to digipak.
  • Once the CDs are ready to be shipped out, try and negotiate a good deal with whichever packaging company you make contact with.
  • Also check what method of shipping will be used so you know how your product reaches the end market.
  • Ask the company how long it will take to complete the task, so that you are aware of the exact time schedule.

Special care to be taken for the following:

If you intend to spend a good bit on DVD and CD replication services, also ensure that you buy good quality and a branded master disc. If you try to compromise on the master disc quality, in the end you will get substandard CD replication.

When buying CD masters, you should go in for Red Book CD-R media which is standard for all audio CDs. It has the required technical specifications for CD-ROM and CD formats.

Avoid copying from any network source. Rather you should burn a CD after you have copied files from the network drive on to the hard drive of the computer.

If your laptop is running on low battery, do not burn a master disco on the laptop. The fluctuations caused will definitely impact the results.

You should not open multiple applications when burning a CD as it will result in slowing down of the burning process.